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  • Feature from old old World Wind - in search of

    Hello there community,
    At one point in time I had used World Wind like google earth. It was a program you had to download and install. There were different layers that sometimes took hours to load depending on the zoom level. Very good quality and was at the time more features than google earth. One of the features I enjoyed the most was the Naval Research Labs layer which showed cloud cover over the past XX minutes, hours or days depending on which satellite/layer chosen. I used these features for some presentations in University. How it worked with the world wind program IDK but I know it did download each individual picture into a windows temp drive. I would then copy those pictures to a different drive location and then used a gif animator program to assemble the series of images and output them to a video. I used the videos in presentations and still have a folder of the raw downloaded jpg files.

    Well now its a decade later and programs have changed a lot, are not around or got consolidated. I am wondering if this feature is still available or if there may be a similar program out there. Right now I am trying to use OBS studio to record a couple different websites but it doesn't auto refresh while recording or at least can not figure out how to. Plus it would be nice to use something that took up less computer resources. The download jpg files weren't excessively big and bandwith is no longer an issue. Any ideas? Advice? Point me into the right direction.