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Disable all proprietary map data from loading?

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  • Disable all proprietary map data from loading?

    Hello WorldWind forum!

    I love the web application and want to use it for my project, but I don't need really that much high-res sat imagery, and especially don't really want to bother dealing with getting Bing licenses and all. Besides, not a fan of proprietary data dependency anyway.

    I just want to disable all Bing images (and any else owned by MSFT). I don't quite care if I end up only with USGS / NASA low-res images. Is there an easy way to do that while still using worldwind.min.js? Or do I have to go under the hood and remove all the bing functions and create my own min file?


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    Hello and welcome to the forum!
    I'm not a specialist of the web version, but I found your post quite strange this is why I react :
    About the bluriness problem, people (like me) have been yelling during years, almost decade, comparing NWW to GE, and fighting with the "needToSplit()" java method (you may search that in the forum) and also wondering if M$ would knock at their door one day to ask for license fee... Now WebWW seems to handle the Microsoft problem (gentleman agreement ?) and you don't want it... Why exactly ?
    Is it because of the bluriness problem (at high altitude) ? How can you stay with big-pixellized images at low scale, I don't understand.
    About the javascript "buttons", I guess there are "divs" or so to remove from the GUI, but I don't know much more.


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      The proprietary imagery is not added by default. They must be explicitly added. Examine line 29 of BasicExample.js (

      The Bing imagery layers are added in lines 29 through 32. If you don't want to include them in your application, ensure that those layers are not added to your globe.

      No modification of the minified or debug libraries is necessary, there are no layers added to WorldWind by default.
      World Wind Team


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        Try disabling all layers and enabling them one at a time until you discover which layer is being problematic kroger feedback.


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          If you accept all of this then you still can't do anything with the data but photocopy it kroger feedback survey.


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            You have data?? The WorldWind NASA servers are shut down and may never be available again. Find other sources. It is high risk to rely on a open source group to have data always available to you and your customers. Build your own data servers like advised in some of the threads here.