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Ideas for World Wind Geology- Envimoental Science labs

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  • Ideas for World Wind Geology- Envimoental Science labs

    As the school year comes to an end I am looking at putting together the labs I have made this year that use World Wind into a packet that can easily get distributed and used by other teachers. As the class I teach is very California based (since that is where the school I teach at is located) I skip some geological or environmental concepts that could be more useful to a general audience. I am targeting high school age and intro level college.

    I was wondering if people had some ideas of additional labs to create this summer that would fill out the curriculum, so that a "World Wind Lab book" could be created (hopefully with add-ons, word files and web links).

    The labs I have made are at
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    Here is what I have so far

    Planatary Comparision - introduction to World Wind, basic appearance of land surfaces of different planets, forces driving landscape

    Plate tectonics

    Volcanic land forms
    Hawaain Volcano chain evolution

    Mass wasting

    River geomorphology and gradient



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      Hmm.. something on flood plains / zones? Count the number of valcanoes in Southern New Mexico? (If I had know there was a huge volcanoe field 20 miles south of where I was going to school.. would have gone down there)

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        You could probably pull up some cool imagery of sedimentary landforms, anticlines and synclines, flood plain mapping (Tom's Idea), alluvial fans, aeolian transport examples (sand dunes, loess etc... There are some great locations in Michigan and the SW for that kind of thing), glacial landforms, and maybe island chains (hot spots). There's probably a lot more than that, but that's all I got for now.



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          Our school has a KidWind license for our summer club (geology and paleontology), but I'm planning to use World Wind too. What Geology Lab Activities and classroom ideas for World Wind are good enough to use for online lectures / video presentations and where to buy essay plans for our creative writing class (we divided the class into groups based on dinosaur eras)? We take lesson plans from K-5 GeoSource and EarthComm for teaching 2 groups of students.


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            Here are some educational mobile apps the kids may enjoy. Has a lot in it including a HTML viewer, Youtube player and 3D Map.

            I used Worldwind and has nearly 100k downloads from all over the world and still going strong. I set the minimum Android version to 8.0 to avoid older hardware. Just a tool I created years ago.
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