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  • World Wind As A lecture tool

    I put together an article on using World Wind to make lectures more interactive. It includes some tips for using World Wind in lectures and a detailed an example of a lecture from one of my classes which focusd on levees, floods and the Hurricane Katrina Disaster.

    URL is

    Take a look if you like.

    I would like some input on people who have used World Wind in lectures for more tips. I bet there is more usefull tips out there than what I could come up with.

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    I can't think of any additional tips at the moment but those are very big ones that woodse pointed out, especially running through the presentation before hand. That way the images are in the cache and will be displayed faster.
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      Hello, I'm teaching Geoscience in high school. Does anyone have copies of the lesson plans using NASA WorldWind? The Geomorphology course lectures and science achieveessays using WorldWind were developed by Jerry Davis (San Francisco State University)? They were mentioned in this book: Teaching Geographic Information Science and Technology in Higher Education (Editors: David Unwin, Kenneth Foote, Nicholas Tate, David DiBiase).