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Indian Ocean Tsunami of 12/26?

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  • Indian Ocean Tsunami of 12/26?

    I'm a newbie with a relative on an Island off the west coast of Sumatra :( , wondering if I can use World Wind to view in detail the impact areas of the 12/26 Tsunami. Does anyone have any quick tips for me or is World Wind not able to show such events?

    Thanks very much!
    Michelle Eindhoven

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    Events like floods should show up using MODIS
    However maps of this Tsunami are not available yet, so you'll just have to wait untill they show up
    (which shouldn't be more than a couple of days)


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      I am still waiting for them to show up. I was curious how they would look in World Wind.


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        While not a WW image, see the web site at for recent before and after satellite images of some areas hit by the tsunami. See especially at the bottom of the web page the area of Banda Aceh (DHTML where you drag the green bar across the image - you need IE6 to make this work). This is an interesting way to compare two images of the same geography.

        Best wishes for your relative in the area.


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          Rapid Fire MODIS now has before and after shots of Sumatra. They're right on top of each other so just keep clicking where the icon is. You'll be able to switch between the two images.

          This set of images is covered in depth at
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            yikes... :(
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              I was browsing through the real time gallery for Terra and Aqua and found a couple of good 250Meter images of some of the areas... In some spots it is 100 miles or more that you can see wiped out.

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