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Uh, very wierd pic with google earth...

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  • Uh, very wierd pic with google earth...

    Well as I was going through my hometown I saw a small lake. When I zoomed in i saw something really wierd... Like an underwater city, or a reflection, or a schematic.. or I don't $@$%!@ know what it is...


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    my guess is that the trails to the bottom left are from moterboats. The rectangular stuff in the central part of the lake is proably just an image artifact (just recievers in the cameras bieng claibrated slightly off) as the surface of the lake is very dark.

    or it could be the giant computer chip that runs the world?


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      You have discovered Atlantis. You will be famous.


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        Hehe, I like the idea about the chip..

        Well I went there today... it was really foggy. There is lots of junk under there... lol. There were even ducks.


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          Remember the Deathstar? We know not what we live on.


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            Yes, master Yoda.


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              <voice = "vader">I find your lack of pants.... disturbing.</voice>

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              PUBLIC NOTICE AS REQUIRED BY LAW: Any use of this forum post, in any manner whatsoever, will increase the amount of disorder in the universe. Although no liability is implied herein, the consumer is warned that this process will ultimately lead to the heat death of the universe.


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                Spammers. :P


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                  Its all far to regular to be a calibration error, and it only effects the lake.
                  I think the most likely explaination is that the part of the google earth software that meshes maps from different sources together has made an error somewhere.
                  Either that or its a photoshop job.


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                    oh my

                    I always thought Atlantis was located somewhere in the Bermuda triangle... guess not =)


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                      Actually I just noticed this same effect when looking randomly at a lake in Monterrey, Mexico.

                      Went googling for 'google earth computer chip' and found this.

                      Is it possible that circuitry of the satellite reflected on a lens is showing up in smooth watery areas?

                      Free satellite circuitboard secrets!


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                        Just in reply to the last unregistered post. No it is impossible for it to be a reflection of internal satellite circuitry. It is more likely an artifact of the compression processes that google has used on the imagery.


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                          I agree, it is either a compression artifact, or some type of image corruption..

                          or Atlantis.


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                            Theres the same sort of effect (but not as clear) on the lake up slightly and to the right (the larger one with the road through the middle)

                            Strange !!!



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                              I dont know

                              I too have discovered this with every single clowd reflection. doesnnt make sence