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high resolution military hotspots (Lebanon, Iraq, Afghan.)

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  • high resolution military hotspots (Lebanon, Iraq, Afghan.)

    Greetings all-

    I'm working on a project that requires satellite imagery at some high resolution (5m/pixel or better) of southern Lebanon, the Iraqi border with Iran, and several spots around Afghanistan.

    Google Earth has some nice imagery available of almost all these spots but that darn user agreement prevents me from doing anything beyond looking at it. Commerical imaging providers will sell me the images, but for $10 to $20 / sq km.

    I therefore tried World Wind, but it appears the highest resolution it can do of these areas is 15m/pixel. So my question:

    Does anyone on this board have any ideas for a more economical solution? Am I correct on my max World Wind resolution?

    Thanks very much in advance for any thoughts or comments!!!

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    Unless you can find a local government who will release their imagery for free, the best you will get is the 15km/pixel from WW. If you want better than that then you have to pay someone for the data.


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      Can't you just buy the $400 Google Earth Pro version and use that data?


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        Charter a plane and fly over with a 10mp digital camera and a GPS....

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