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    Hi all,


    I discovered the target of the above hotspot quite a while ago, and have been wondering ever since what I'm seeing. I have of course considered that it might be a graphical artefact, however this seems unlikely to me. I think you'll understand why when you see it.

    The hotspot is intentionally at quite a high altitude, in order to give you some context. I'd recommend you zoom in fairly slowly and give it time to resolve before you comment; I've found that the optimum viewing altitude is around 18500m.

    I look forward to reading your opinions!

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    That would be Atlantis.

    Here's a link to it:
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      I think it's an image artifact; it doesn't show up in any other landsat layers.

      Looks like a 7km bootprint to me though.


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        I don't see how it could be a processing artifact, given its nature. Could be how the light/whatever reflects off of the water, or something. Or could just be an exceptionally bumpy seafloor. Where are the Cuban divers when you need them?
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