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  • 5 Star Gravity Lens

    The Hubble Space Telescope found the first five-star gravity lens. Gravity lensing is what happens when an enormous gravity field focuses light from a distant object in the universe. A galaxy cluster named SDSS J1004+4112 created this five-star gravity lens. The Sloan Digital Sky Survey discovered it, which is why it is SDSS J1004+4112. Here is a link to the article about the find.
    Hubble Captures a "Five-Star" Rated Gravitational Lens
    Here's a link to an image that has the lensed objects labeled.
    Unfortunately I don't know the coordinates for this, please post if you do.
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    "Fascinating Captain" ....... er... Sorry - maybe I've watched too much Star Trek!

    Very interesting!
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      Along the lines of light. I saw this article. And it could lead to a Star Track type of teleporter, except the fact we still haven't figured out how to convert matter into digital information. And back again.

      Light Travels Backward and Faster than Light



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        Nice Wallpaper !!!

        I collect Hubble shots to use for wallpaper. My chums are always more interested in them than in the new software I just purchased and installed.

        Rats. It's hard to compete with the pros.

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          the lens


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            Wow, that's really cool. I went to a science conference where one of the presentations was on these...really cool.
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              Thank you very much. The two things I find the most interesting about this image is that the lensed appearances of the quasar are so much brighter than the galaxies and just how faint those objects are. I knew Hubble was powerful but I never realized just how powerful.
              I don't spread the word, I spread the world!
              Road Map for World Wind development and release
              I do not know .Net or DirectX.