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  • OT: Neat site!

    Certainly one of the most scenic volcanoes ever and the images are pretty high res, updated every minute or so. The great thing about it is that between Klyuchevskoy and Shiveluch (see the link on the site) you are watching *two* of the most active volcanoes in Kamchatka (and indeed, the world), so chances of seeing some action aren't too shabby at all!

    Infact, Shiveluch was blowing ash and steam just days ago, and had a larger eruption earlier this year: 'Volcano News: Around 8 July, KVERT raised the Concern Color Code at Shiveluch from Orange to Red, the highest level. On 6 July ash-and-gas plumes rose to ~7 km (23,000 ft) a.s.l. and drifted NW. On 7 July an 11-minute-long seismic event occurred. Ash-and-gas plumes may have reached a height of 10 km (32,300 ft) a.s.l.', (the latter is an awesome site too BTW).

    Hope this is of interest to some!

    EDIT: here are the WorldWind links for the two volcanoes:

    - Klyuchevskoy: worldwind://goto/world=Earth&lat=56.05737&lon=160.64134&a lt=27269&dir=-44.1&tilt=37.2

    - Shiveluch: worldwind://goto/world=Earth&lat=56.65954&lon=161.35803&a lt=9731&dir=-116.0&tilt=69.7