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  • Oxbows

    Some picture-perfect oxbows in a meandering river near Darwin, Australia. I can't get the river's name to show up in WW but I looked it up the old fashioned way, in an atlas, and I think it's the Mary River.

    I measure the narrowest bow to be about 120m. In a few years the legs will meet and the locals will be able to name yet another "Oxbow Pond".

    LandSat7 visible

    Australia is an amazing place. Here are a few more...

    A beautiful fold in bedrock, 8 km wide and 30 km long, replicated in several layers. Near Colter Bay
    worldwind://goto/world=Earth&lat=-16.45520&lon=124.10527&alt=41503&tilt=0. 4

    and what are these things in Lake McLeod...


    and are those pipes in the green water?

    Note; I find it very difficult to get oriented using the place finder data so I keep an atlas handy. There are either too many names or too few and they are never where you expect to see them. I realize that you can turn categories on an off but that doesn't seem to help. I don't really know how to solve the problem. Maybe there should be a high level place name list along with the position data, like...

    Northern Territory
    Arnham Land
    Nearest City - Darwin

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    Maybe those things in Lake McLeod have to do with the manufacturing of salt?


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      Originally posted by theyipper@Jul 10 2005, 04:40 AM
      Maybe those things in Lake McLeod have to do with the manufacturing of salt?
      They do. I googled Lake McCleod. There were lots of references to salt extraction. Apparently salt is a big problem in Western Austrailia. Most of the topsoil sits on salt beds. Deep rooted native plants trapped rain water and prevented it from dissolving the lower salt beds. Shallow rooted farm crops don't trap as much water and the salt beds are dissolving, making the topsoil unusable and swampy.