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Ghost Plane at LAX in USGS urban ortho-imagery

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  • Ghost Plane at LAX in USGS urban ortho-imagery

    I was looking at LAX in USGS urabn area ortho-imagery mode and came across an ghost plane I guess due to some image processing artefact.


    Check out the full resolution pic at

    Does anyone have a good explaination for the same?

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    Clearly this is a top secret invisible plane government experiment and they are hiding the truth from us... which is easy, because it's invisible.


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      They're showing us they're hiding the truth :P
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        could be an image burned on to the vidicon from remaining too long


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          How did you get it that detailed?


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            Originally posted by Guest@Oct 8 2004, 09:13 AM
            How did you get it that detailed?
            It is USGS Ortho Imagery. It is 1meter to .7meter resolution.

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              I'm trying to attach an image to the forums to show the res I'm getting, but its only going to a blank screen when I press 'add this attachment'

              Little help please?


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                Originally posted by TomServo@Oct 8 2004, 07:27 AM
                It is USGS Ortho Imagery. It is 1meter to .7meter resolution.
                That's USGS Urban imagery, .25 meter.

                Shadow, go into Layer Manger -> Images -> High Resolution, select USGS Urban and deselect any others.


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                  Hmm.. Did not have problem with adding attchment!


                  Tried again! make sure the attachment is not too big! and after you click on the add this attachment make sure you have to click add to the post at appropriate place in the post! Hope this helps!
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