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    Looks like a big circular canal (obviously man made) but it appears to have what look like test tracks inside of the canal. It's HUGE. It fills my screen at an altitude of a tad less than 7000 METERS!

    Some parts of the "test tracks" inside the big canal look for all the world like they have trains of some kind on them. I'm stumped. Anyone that lives around Pecos, Texas have any ideas?

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    Switch to Topo Maps and you'll see "Automotive Proving Ground"
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      I "think" that one is General Motors.

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        The Answer is...

        Remember the SUPERCONDUCTING SUPER COLLIDER project? This is it.


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          Two other automotive test tracks are:
          Honda 35.272, -117.960
          Hyundai/Kia 35.057, -118.035, ww's images are not updated for this one but they are in GE's.


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            If it's an automotive test track then I'm sure they don't want any Super Colliding. lol


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              I have seen effect like this on THEMIS imagery taken from an airplane. the camera would scan across the image area recording the data. as it reaches the nd of each scan it looks at a calibration image at the edge of the camera device, then scoots back for the next scan. With this method sometimes diferent horizonal lines would come out with different brightne values.

              it only appears in the lake because the lake is so much darker and of even brightness values than the rest of the terrain.