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Strange Building in San Diego

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    Please refer to my previous posting and also Wikipedia for additional history.
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      Run Run its the NAzi's HQ ah aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :o :blink: :blink: :huh:
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        You are all wrong! It is an ancient image of the now ubiquitous recycling sign we see everywhere. It was most likely left behind after the large interplanetary exploration ship that landed across the bay from it, left to return to space. See the area with the concentric circles? Just like the crop circles we still see today. It has to be that.
        Interesting the theory that some of you have about the SEALS. It seems that we are still using the site to recycle. We are recycling people and turning them into SEALS.

        Best regards to all.
        I love WW and sincerly thank all who make it so great.

        Paul (Australia)


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          ok guys.

          this buildings have (or had) a relation to nazi for SURE LIKE HELL!

          consider the other two big buildings right beside (south-west) of the discussed Hakenkreuz- (sorry i prever the german word for 'swastika', that's what it is and what it obviously means) shaped one:
          they look very much like the "Reichsadler" which was the German national symbol, just like e.g. the us white-tailed eagle.

          You could say the Hakenkreuz-building is some strange coincidence or even meant in another way like mentioned in a posting above.
          But in combination with the Reichsadler-buildings there is no doubt, that this has something to do with the german nazis!

          You cannot really believe that the two most important and popular symbols of the german nazis spotted together at one place does not mean anything but coincidence or fancy or something you can discuss and talk you out of this fact.

          I am from Germany, and we are very vigilant and sensitive about stuff like that.
          I was shocked seeing that image.

          Things like that are very serious and not funny in any way.
          We have learned the lession what happens when you just let it go, ignoring nazis, making jokes of it (or them) and beeing tolerant against the intolerant. And so should the world!
          These guys are vicious and dangerous.
          Ignoring them or not taking 'em serious is a grave failure!

          It would be very interesting indeed, when, why (ha&#33 and by whom these buildings were built.
          I really wonder...

          We all - every freedom-lovin human - must be watchfull. Still today. This buildings proves it again.
          Really frightening, shit!

          Fascism sucks, keep fightin...


          ps: ok, maybe the architect just had some strange humor?
          But even then, I would strongly recommend a long-time visit in the psychiatry.


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            Originally posted by DP@Aug 4 2005, 11:58 AM
            In ancient times, the Swastika turned toward the RIGHT which made it pure representing light, good luck, spirituality, etc. The Nazis just took it and turned it to the LEFT which represents Evil, darkness, and death. Hitler imposed this symbol in honor to the THULE Society, which is the hidden society who originally sponsored Hitler's agenda and taught him the ways of the dark practices of that occult.
            Get it?
            Totally wrong! The Nazis Hakenkreuz ist turning to the right, just like the Nazi HQ in San Diego.


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              swastika-shaped naval building

              Regardless of the history of the swastika and the fact that the Nazis hijacked the symbol, it's still just a shape. If it provides benefits to architecture, so be it. Not all occurrences of this shape have anything to do with Nazism. For example, it's also the shape of the Chinese characters given as Unicode 534d and its mirror image U^5350.

              Is there no other name for this shape in English than "swastika"?



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                  Strange Building in San Diego

                  If only the airport would move up north to Miramar. San Diego my hometown needs a 800 foot tall building.

                  Ahh pics.
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