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    Originally posted by Guest@Apr 13 2005, 11:02 AM
    But: if you look closely at your original post, you see a difference in color resolution between the image you created and the one you originally posted! If you do not believe, try to convert the RGB-images into├é┬* HSI-images and have a look at the H- or S-channel only. You should see difference in the high frequency content of the images....
    I think i get it...
    TomServo was right - it's layer blending.
    We don't get psychedelic colors and after splitting to HSL we have same effect with channels (saturation looks more detailed)...

    Left: combined from HSL
    Right: layers blending
    (Colors from NLT Landsat)
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      I managed to do this in GIMP (
      1. Open the two files (USGS and LandSat)
      2. Go to the USGS. Click "Image->Mode->Decompose". Select "HSV"
      3. This will create a new window with an image in it. Close the original window.
      4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 on LandSat.
      5. Switch to USGS. Click Edit->Copy
      6. Back to LandSat. Edit->Paste
      7. In the Layer Manager, right-click on the pasted layer and click "New Layer."
      8. Select the "Value" layer and click the trashcan on the lower-right to delete it.
      9. Right-click on the new, untitled layer and click "Edit Attributes". Rename it "Value"
      10. Click "Image->Compose"
      11. Select the "HSV" radio button and choose the correct layer for each (Hue for Hue, Saturation for Saturation, Value for Value.)

      If everything went well, you should have a new, colored and detailed picture.
      Go GIMP.
      Note: The above statement is probably an educated guess, derived from much forum reading, IRC chatting, general curiosity, etc. Use at your own risk.
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        Originally posted by m_k@Apr 13 2005, 03:20 AM
        I think i get it...
        TomServo was right - it's layer blending.
        so, we won't never have the "Layer Blending Plugin" ?

        just to stop all the crap about GE having higher res imagery. and for the beauty of it of course.


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          here is a raw screen shot from the Google Earth program (just like world wind).