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  • Homeworld

    if anyone is mentally screwed enough, have enough time, and is crazy enough, try looking for those starships described in Homeworld :P

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      lol this entire topic is a joke


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        Originally posted by primexx@Feb 28 2005, 02:30 AM
        lol this entire topic is a joke
        I'm only letting it stay open in hope of some amusing replies :P
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          Just remember that All Your Base Are Belong To Us!

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            We live on Earth. They lived on Kharak. For those who haven't played this game, if you find this ship, someone's going to come along and burn away our atmosphere.

            Cool game. I liked how I could put the NASA logo on my ships.


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              Originally posted by Randy Kim@Feb 28 2005, 09:56 PM
              We live on Earth.Â* They lived on Kharak....Â* . .
              Maybe some of those grand battles were played in our system. So some parts of the carriers or cruisers could be found on Earth. :P

              Maybe the greatest games I ever played.
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