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magic Libya /Roman & Greek ruins in Libya ,

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  • magic Libya /Roman & Greek ruins in Libya ,

    The best roman & greek ruins in the world present in my country Libya

    1- the best roman theatre in the world is present in the old city of Sabratha in Libya north west

    The old city is so nice in spring you can see a lot of flowers at this time

    Sabratha beautiful theatre ( Sabratha is located about 67 km west of the Capital of Libya -Tripoli on the mediterranean )

    2-This is Leptis Magna 123 km east of Tripoli on the mediterranean

    Leptis Magna is the biggest preserved roman city in the world

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    3-The museum in Tripoli

    VENUS B)

    God of Greece ..... one of them :P


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      Originally posted by Waleed21@Feb 10 2006, 12:41 PM
      VENUS B)

      Oh great, now I'm going to get fired for having that picture on my computer at work. :angry:

      Ok, maybe not. Nice pictures.


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        WOW! Such incredibly beautify stuff. hope to be able to visit Sabratha someday and experience it first hand! Wouldn't it be great to have it restored to its former grandeur and have Sophocles' Theban plays done there mixed in with Shakespeare's Coriolanus or Antony and Cleopatra. Ah, someday when we can all do fun and beautiful things together. Thanks for the pictures!


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          How can it be converted to GPS coordinates? concrete driveway contractor


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            The old city is so nice in spring you can see a lot of flowers at this time. Circle City Concrete And Masonry