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  • Google Earth or World Wind


    i just found out about World Wind today and i'm thinking about installing it.
    So far i've been enjoying spinning with Google Earth :P Great and free!

    I'm asking people who have tried both Google Earth and World Wind, which one is better? And why?

    My main remark about Google Earth is that not all places are covered the same, for example you can see streets, buildings, bugs crawling in the dirt in New York (in figurative speech) and other US cities, but other places are very blur :(

    I was wondering if with World Wind is the same?
    How clear can you see things with this program? Outside the US


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    For info on the imagery you can see, have a look at the "Beginner Tour" link in my sig.

    As for the GE versus WW debate, there's a thread here already (and about 3 others):

    I'll leave this one open for now but if it gets too similar to that one, we might as well merge the threads.
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      Check out for info on World Wind, especaly the faq


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        Nice information you share


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          Ah SPAM. The answer to the question today is ESRI vs Worldwind and ESRI has won. No one uses google earth. Too many license issues. Also it has not improved for a long time. I mean major improvements.
          Looking forward to seeing some activity in regards to SPAM cleanup.