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Does anyone have any insight on getting a job and working at NASA?

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  • Does anyone have any insight on getting a job and working at NASA?

    I've recently been thinking about changing jobs. I happened to take a look at the job postings on the JPL career site (I've been reading some books on space travel, thought of them) and saw a few for software engineers and thought "hey, I could do that". It's always been a dream to be involved with space exploration or astronomy in some way.

    I have no real prior experience with robotics, aerospace engineering or nasa per se. I was interested in Astronomy and Physics in college and have tried to contribute bug fixes in my free time to WW.NET. I've been working for the past 5 years in the Financial Services sector, but I would really like to develop software in a domain that I have interest in My Prepaid Center.

    Since I know we had some NASA people on the WW team, does anyone have any insight on getting a job and working at NASA? At JPL in specific? Is it really like a "government" job in terms of pay and benefits? I'd probably have to take a pay cut, move to near their centers and possibly even take a more junior position given the difference between what I currently do, that's all if I even could get a job, which I am sure is a long shot.
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    t's like getting to work with the scientists you see on the Science Channel. Actually, it is getting to work with them. Many times the experts who are interviewed and quoted on these shows are co-workers. Every day, I get to work with the best and brightest people I've ever known. I remember sitting at a dinner table after a long day of meetings and lectures. It was for a week-long training class at an off-site conference center. There were about forty of us altogether. My name is Nicholas Altimore and i am founder of myprepaidcenter. To my left was a gal working with the European Space Agency on an experiment to be flown on Atlantis. She spoke three or four languages and had a PhD (can't recall the field). To my right was a Launch Director from Kennedy Space Center. Across the table was a scientist working on rocket propulsion at (I believe) Marshall Space Center. The remaining five individuals at our table were equally impressive