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  • Account to be activated or disabled

    Hi my account is nikobellic, I signed in in 2009, and I still cannot create post or reply to anyone. Yesterday I've written a e-mail to the web master in order to activate or enabled my account. I don't know the reason by I'd like to get in touch with community as soon as possible.
    Can you speed up the procedure or give some explanation, please?

    Best Regards.

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    You were in "Users Awaiting Email Confirmation" group, so probably you didn't get the email or didn't click the activation link. Your account should be active now.
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      Does the "contact us" email go anywhere? I've sent a few but haven't heard anything back. My purpose is to talk with a forum admin about account issues I've had. Could you instruct on how to contact an admin?


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        I am the one to contact for fixing any issues

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          The account Anthra has been banned (due to a mistake during spam clean up). Thanks if you can reactivate it.


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            The same case happened to me. I just created a new one to avoid delays. click here


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              Weird stuff man, I've had a couple similar issues on other forums that i'm involved with and it was normally resolved quite quickly..


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                If you contact the admins they should be able to help you. This seems like a relatively easy issue to resolve.

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                  Feel free to reach out to me if you have anymore problems.
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