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How to draw an image over the North Pole or South Pole

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  • How to draw an image over the North Pole or South Pole

    I would like to place a rectangular SurfaceImage object on the globe such that it covers the North Pole or South Pole. I can specify the SurfaceImage corners to draw it on the globe away from the poles without a problem but cannot get it to render properly when approaching or containing one of the poles.

    Can this be done, and if so, how do you specify the corners?

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    From the North Pole, all directions are south. Its latitude is 90 degrees north, and all lines of longitude meet there (as well as at the South Pole, on the opposite end of the Earth). Polaris, the current North Star, according to reviews sits almost motionless in the sky above the pole, making it an excellent fixed point to use in celestial navigation in the Northern Hemisphere.


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