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High volume of placemarks and the GPU

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  • High volume of placemarks and the GPU

    Trying to render more and more on the map and doing a simple loop of creating 10k or 20k placemarks.. and the map drags with a pretty high end laptop setup. However, the GPU does not seem to be utilized.. or barely so. I setup in windows to turn on the nvida support for Chrome and in the same browser running cesium I can do 100k pins and it performs ok and you can see the GPU working away to make it happen.

    Is there something that has to be configured to get worldwind to utilize the GPU more? I can provide a fiddle or something if that helps to show what I am seeing.

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    I would be surprised that exists since we are talking about running a general purpose language if Javascript can be called even that. You might have better luck asking NVIDIA what you can do given you are using WebGL. You might need a specific driver from NVIDIA or a specific release of WebGL and maybe Vulkan.When you tried that jump to NVIDIA you limited your customer options.Again depends upon your target goals. I am upgrading my old Mobile Hardware and hope to reach 100k+ but again I have different requirements and designed from scratch.
    Good Luck you will get there whatever that is. :-)



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      Ok I worked some more and now somewhere between 200k-300k placemarks I run out of memory. Around 200k the performance is ok. Now that is on a 2 year old Smartphone.
      without any effort on a newer one I suspect I should reach 300k to 400k placemarks. I for now am basically memory bound. There is one or two things I can do that might get me to 400k or more on the same device but today is a national holiday so time to rest.
      My goal is still 1M placemarks by the end of the year.

      Ok several hours later I tried one or two changes and I am now up to 500k placemarks but it takes 5-7 seconds to move after I swipe the screen.
      Next to try a new Smartphone and try to get up to 1M. LOL.

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        Ok I am now up beyond 700k placemarks but slow to move. Good news is work earlier after last set of changes I am getting 100k to move much quicker and acceptable. 400-500k placemarks moves as slow as it did at 200k. After next set of changes I should be able to get to 1M on an 2year old smartphone.
        So progress was made.


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          Ok above 1M now and next goal is 5M on new Android.