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Stopping the mouse drag event from moving the globe

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  • Stopping the mouse drag event from moving the globe


    I have a web application that is running Worldwind Web and I want to sometimes prevent the user from rotating the globe using mouse drag. I am essentially trying to find a way to turn that function "off" temporarily.

    Does anyone know a way to alter or prevent what happens during a WorldWindow event?

    Thanks in advance,

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    One option is to kill all mouse interaction till you change it. = 'none';

    Or with an event listener...

      wwd.addEventListener('pointermove', (e) => {


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      Hi Fred,
      Thanks for the updates I am watching with interest. I have been working a while with the Android and performance is my focus. I recently did what you are doing for air station monitoring and other areas. I got up to 50k placemarks before I had to focus on other areas. I never used the web version of WW since it was just starting out and had a ways to go before I would consider it. It also uses Java Script which I felt would never scale to what I needed. Someone else here asked for advice and the best I could give to him was use a profiler and treat every line of code as your enemy. The design was so different he was working with and I knew none of it I could not help. But knowing your requirements is critical. Remember it is not performance you are fighting but maybe also memory usage. Depends upon your hardware and OS constraints of which mine are severe. I would look at Vulkan with WebGL if I were you. I hope to have it on the Android in the next couple of months which will help me hopefully perform better than OpenGL ES. I am happy with 50k placemarks and some lagging but want 400k if memory permits. I plan to do a demo video of my project in the next couple of weeks before I release it to the public. I am focused on public safety.
      Good Luck,
      Tony Anecito
      MyUniPortal LLC


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