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  • airplane display animation

    hi, i'm trying to create an airplane animation between coordinate 1 and coordinate 2... but i dont know how, i look 5 days in docs and no answers...
    i think that is a placemark maybe? or surface image , but i dont know how to move smoothly form coordinate 1 to coordinate 2 or maybe take 5 steps ( coordinates ) between those so move from coordinate 1 to point 1 -> point 2 -> point 3 -> point 4 -> point 5 -> coordinate 2 ...

    if someone can help me in it

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    I would suggest using a javascript setInterval(function, milliseconds) Then during the function remove the existing placemark renderable and recreate it again in a new location between your two locations then redraw() WorldWind to refresh it, and simply repeat that until you get to your final location. Then cancel your setInterval.


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      price5583 and how can i elevate shapepolyline , shapeimage and placemarker ?? can shapeimage be in verticalmode like placemarker? i made my animation like you tell me ! thanks !