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Is there a Collada creator tool that Web World Wind is compatible with?

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  • Is there a Collada creator tool that Web World Wind is compatible with?

    We use a wide variety of Collada models that work just fine in World Wind Java that simply don't work in Web World Wind.
    Albeit a few of the simpler models do work if they use just the right set of Collada commands and if they write them in just the write way that Web World Wind supports.

    Knowing that Web World Wind is still in development, and as such currently only supports a subset of Collada commands, does anyone know of any current 3D modeling tools that can export Collada models that the latest version of Web World Wind can consistently show?

    I've tried SketchUp, but it uses Lambert shading instead of Phong, and Web World Wind so far only supports Phong.

    I've tried Blender, but it too uses some Collada commands and formatting that aren't yet supported in Web World Wind.

    For instance, regarding formatting, it seems that Web World Wind can only support a single instance_geometry per node in a visual_scene, and unfortunately many Collada models have multiple instance_geometry tags per node. Albeit Web World Wind does support child nodes, but each instance_geometry has to be encapsulated in a separate node. When more than one instance_geometry is put into a single node then only the last instance geometry is rendered.

    Also, Web World Wind's ColladaMesh objects seem to support "vertices", "triangles", "polygons", and "polylist", but they do not yet support "lines".

    Anyway, I'm rambling a bit, so I'll come back to my original question, Does anyone know what 3D modeling tool exports Collada models in a manner that Web World Wind can currently support?
    (That way we could at least just convert our models until the full set of Collada tags are implemented in Web World Wind.)
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    After a considerable amount of time tinkering, we finally had a little success and were finally able to get the airport and aircraft models we were needing to work in Web World Wind. The solution isn't perfect, and has several limitations, but it works well enough for now until I get more time to tinker.

    The best solution I could come up with so far (and without forking Web World Wind) was to:
    * Create (or download) my 3D object in the latest version of Sketchup Pro 2018 (free 30 day trial),
    * Export it as an .obj (object) model,
    * Then, import the .obj model that I just exported into the latest version of Blender (2.79) (free),
    * Then export the model as a .dae (Collada) model.

    The exporting of the .dae file straight from Sketchup did not yield good results. So, that is why I export it as an .obj first, then load that into Blender and then have Blender export the .dae model instead of Sketchup. So, it appears that Web World Wind works way better with Blender exported Collada models, than the Collada models exported from Sketchup.
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