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  • Placemark Y-Rotation

    Hi experts,

    I am pretty new to Web WorldWind and I have a stupid question for you.

    I am trying to create a compass that attaches to a track. The compass is currently drawn in a (new) canvas and placed in a Placemark. It displays perfectly fine on a Map, but the compass always "faces to me" when I am trying to rotate the map. I would like the compass to rotate with the globe.

    The following picture is a screenshot captured in the custom placemark example. I rotated the globe to the left and the Placemark is facing me.

    I would like to have the placemark rotates with the globe as the mesh example.

    Current settings for the placemark which works for x-rotation and z-rotation, but not y-rotation.
    placemark.imageTiltReference = WorldWind.RELATIVE_TO_GLOBE
    placemark.imageRotationReference= WorldWind.RELATIVE_TO_GLOBE

    Please advise.

    Best Regards,

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    The standard behavior of a Placemark is to always face you. So, you might want to use surface image or if it has to be vertical, then texture a vertical polygon with an image.