WorldWind project shut down, this site probably will be too.

Hello all,

With the recent announcement that the NASA World Wind project has been shut down ( there is really very little reason to continue running this forum, and as NASA staff were providing most of the moderation and responses it will likely fill up with spam shortly.

Unless something changes in the near future, I will be shutting down as well as this forum, as it is no longer useful. Most of the data on WWC is referencing the legacy C# version of World Wind anyway.

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Rendering lines over placemarks

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  • Rendering lines over placemarks

    Hello all,

    I currently have a project that uses several placemarks to mark positions on the map, and I would like to draw some lines connecting them. I've tried using both surface polylines and paths but both seem to always render behind the placemarks (even if the paths are rendered at a higher altitude than the placemarks). I have also tried moving the lines to different layers that I added before and after the layer with the placemarks are on but they are still rendered behind.

    What is the best way to render a line that is always rendered over a placemark? Also in general, what is the proper way for someone to control the order renderables are rendered on the map?

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    I found a solution. If someone knows a better solution I would still like to hear it but I'll post what I ended up doing in case someone has a similar need.

    Through some reverse engineering I discovered that paths, and anything else that is rendered as an ordered renderable, seem to decide what gets rendered in front of what based on the parameter eyeDistance. I extended paths with my own object and changed the eyeDistance to something smaller than everything else. This makes the paths always render over the placemarks.


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      Actually, this doesn't seem to work in all cases. Strangely this only works when there is a geographicText in view. Previously everything had labels so I didn't notice this issue. This is weird though because I am not messing with the geographicText at all, just placemarks and paths. Anyone have an idea why eyedistance would only affect the z ordering when there is geographicText in the current render?