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Web WorldWind v0.9.0 now available

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  • Web WorldWind v0.9.0 now available

    Web WorldWind v0.9.0 is now available on GitHub.

    This is Web WorldWind’s first release. It’s undergone significant testing, but some known issues remain. They are documented as GitHub issues. With this release, we want to give the community a solid foundation for their applications. We expect the API to remain stable with the exception of adjustments required for bug fixes and enhancements.

    This release of Web WorldWind has been tested with the following browsers:
    • Google Chrome 61.0 (incl. Android)
    • Mozilla Firefox 56.0
    • Apple Safari 11.0 (incl. iOS)
    • Microsoft Edge 40.0
    • Microsoft IE 11
    NPM Package

    Hosted Library

    The WorldWind team
    WW Team

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    Congratulation to the ESA-NASA Team!
    Actually I was impressed that ESA renewed its commitment for two additional years as I learned from the excellent presentation of Yann Voumard of Solenix GmbH Germany at the WWEC 2017 in Espoo, Finland late August. This and the recent announcement given by the WorldWind team provides opportunity to use the WebWorldWind wider by the EO community including ESA projects, including Thematic Exploitation Platforms and Next Generation Earth Observations and it is anticipated, use by the private sector in Horizon 2020 and OGC framework.


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