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Develop Branch + KML Polygons

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  • Develop Branch + KML Polygons

    Hi there,

    Similar to another poster a few months ago (whose issues were fixed in develop supposedly), I'm having some trouble with polygon rendering from KML files. The attached shows a very simple example, but the rendering seems to just get worse the more polygons are added.

    It doesn't seem to matter if I use clampToGround, no altitudeMode, with or without adding altitudes, the overlay just isn't solid... Frequently as I move my mouse around the window or zoom in or out, different chunks of the polygon's overlay will disappear or reappear. If I move my mouse enough or zoom in at juuuust the right point, the white part will become solid.

    The screenshot attached is generated from a KML with this Placemark.

                                    <coordinates>-86.59971,34.74294,1000 -86.60211,34.71793,1000 -86.56463,34.71486,1000 -86.57285,34.75236,1000</coordinates>

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    I'll answer my own question here. There is a bug in the KML parsing - it only reads altitudeMode from the <Polygon> element and not from LinearRing. Without that it just creates a WorldWind.Polygon instead of a WorldWind.SurfacePolygon.