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  • Problem connecting to server

    I have successfully (apparently) downloaded WW on to my Windows 7 computer, but although I can open the programme, both Landsat and Blue Marble are missing from both the main menu and the Layer Menu. I have got the error message 'Problem connecting to Server . . trying again in 2minutes' but the second attempt never fails and according to the website all the servers are functioning normally. I am not using a proxy and I had told it so in setup.

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    I'll assume you are talking about the old World Wind.NET application, retired now for seven years. Those data servers became inoperable towards the end of last year.


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      they could help, download and install the "NASA World Wind 1.4" but when I approach the images are blurred, tells me that have problems connecting to server ... trying again in two minutes, this version will be called World Wind .NET? if so where I can download the latest?

      podrían ayudarme, descargue e instale el "NASA World Wind 1.4" pero cuando me acerco las imágenes se ven borrosas, me dice que tiene problemas conectando con el servidor... tratando de nuevo en 2 minutos, sera este la vercion que llaman World Wind.NET? en tal caso donde puedo descargar la mas reciente?


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        There is no 'latest' you can download.
        As Patrick mentioned the .net version of NWW has been retired for 7 years.

        Try the java version.


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          as I understand NWW is no longer accesable... shame because I just discovered it...
          The new one is way to complicated for someone like me who doesn't understand 80% of the instalation process. So before I'll try to overload my brain doing it (and if I actually succeed) can you answer me if I be able to play around with sea levels?