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Adding a popup menu to placemarks in WorldWind Java

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  • Adding a popup menu to placemarks in WorldWind Java

    Hello, I am using World Wind in my Java application in which I have a list of locations that I need to create pins on the map for. I have successfully been able to implement the creating of pins using PointPlacemarks. What I need to do now is add a click event to the pin that will open a popup menu. I need my program to allow the user to click on a pin on the map and it will display a popup at the pin displaying a title, a description of the object and a link that would close the map and take them back to my main user interface frame in my project. Is there a way to add a popup like this to a PointPlacemark?


    - Riley

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    Riley, The example ContextMenusOnShapes shows how to add popup menus to PointPlacemarks. Take a look at that example and let us know if you have any follow up questions.
    WW Team