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WW on Mac running VM (windows 7 on Parallels) Access Forbidden

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  • WW on Mac running VM (windows 7 on Parallels) Access Forbidden

    First off thank you for helping me. Also I know enough about computers to be dangerous but not enough to be considered good.

    First off I have WW 1.4 and also WW 1.5.1 on my VM. Which one should I be using on my Mac VM running Windows 7 on Parallels?

    When I run 1.4 (which I would prefer to do) I always get the cannot connect error check again in 2 minutes? I found some advice on here but I could not understand it. Is it maybe a port issue?

    I am not smart enough to even launch WW 1.5.1 on my Mac. What exactly might I need to do?

    Thanks for any help friends and please ask if I did not explain it correctly or if you need more information.

    Did I mention you are a rockstar for trying to help my dumb-ass out?

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    It looks like you are trying to use the C#/.net version of WW which has not been supported for several years.
    Try the java version.
    Maybe you could get some help on a mac site regarding Win7 VM.