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WW 2.0, JOGL, and Eclipse RCP

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  • WW 2.0, JOGL, and Eclipse RCP

    What's the correct way to set up the new jogl jars in a WW 2.0 Eclipse RCP application?

    With WW 1.5, I listed individual native libraries for jogl (etc) in MAINFEST.MF under a header called Bundle-NativeCode. I had to have all the native libraries for all the different platforms spelled out explicitly. I *thought* that jogl 2 was going to do away with the need to do that, and indeed, WW 2.0 comes with the "all-in-one" jars containing all the libraries.

    But I can't get my Eclipse RCP app to find the jogl libraries now. I've put the WW jars, and all the jogl-related jars in a folder in my project. I've added those jars to classpaths and libraries wherever I can find a chance to do so (for example, the runtime classpath). I'm on a Mac, and I get a runtime error that gluegen-rt cannot be found in /System/Frameworks. Why is it looking there and/or how can I get it to look in the right place?

    I tried listing the jars in MANIFEST.MF under a header called Bundle-NativeCode. This resulted in a different error: no gluegen-rt in java.library.path. I don't know if that's forward progress or not, because if it were to work I'd still have to list each platform separately, repeating the same set of jars for each.

    tia, gap

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    I haven't been successful doing this, have you had any success?
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