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Marketing World Wind: .avi or .mpg demos?

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  • Marketing World Wind: .avi or .mpg demos?


    I'm considering applying WW to help inmainstreaming conservationplanning. From what I understand, I can burn a project onto a DVD or CD and run WW, with Shapefiles in a remote location that does not have internet connection (huge asset when it comes to cosnervation in the third world).

    I need to sell this to funders first though.

    Does anyone have a movie clip demo showing a zoom in to a region, change of perspective, turning on and off user developed shapefiles, and maybe even a flyby? I searched but couldn't find any video demos. If not existing can you someone make one/several? Might really help build the community and associated funding base.



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    Hmm.. I have a Mars fly through somewhere... *goes off rummaging* here it is..

    There are some other vids.. try searching the forum.

    Earth is Square blog

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      I work for and have done some work in the third world(Indonesia-Aceh Tsunami Relief) with no network. We have a few company video's. If you are interested in the South East Asia region we can help.

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        Another short mars movie
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