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World Wind Version 1.2d Released

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  • World Wind Version 1.2d Released

    We released World Wind version 1.2d today for download, as a 2.8MB patch. Here is a list of improvements:

    - World Wind now has the ability to view non-Earth planetary data, such as Mars data. We haven't yet updated the interface to take advantage of this ability in a user-friendly manner; that is coming soon.

    - You can now access World Wind content by typing "worldwind://"-style addresses into your Web browser. You can also link directly to World Wind content from Web pages.

    - Initial implementation of The Origin of Life: An Astrobiology Field Guide, a learning tool developed in collaboration with the Australian Centre for Astrobiology and the NASA Astrobiology Institute.

    - Problems have been fixed for international users using languages other than English.

    - You can now copy World Wind's current coordinates to the clipboard.

    - Navigation and placename displays are now more precise.

    - Performance should be improved.

    Currently we have only released a patch that updates version 1.2c to 1.2d. To find out if you have 1.2c installed, click the Help menu, then About. If you see Version 1.2.1734 displayed, you have 1.2c. If not, you must first apply the 1.2c patch before you can update 1.2c to 1.2d.

    Thank you to everyone who contributed patches, testing, and feedback for this release!