World Wind version 1.2e is now available for download. You can download a 168 MB full install, or a 1.9 MB patch that updates version 1.2d.

This release was almost entirely driven by the World Wind open source community. Community members fixed scores of bugs, added features, wrote documentation, and tested World Wind. We're grateful to everyone who worked tirelessly to make this release happen.

New Features

- Added smooth zooming with mouse wheel.
- Added full-screen mode (Alt+Enter).
- Added "always on top" mode.
- Five add-ons created or co-created by World Wind community members--Appalachian Trail, Landmark Catalog, Norway's Prehistoric Hillforts, Tsunami Marker, and the Voyage of Ottar--are now included in the installation.
- An "Add-ons" button was added to the toolbar.
- Added "Useful Sites" menu.


- Fixed display of terrain elevation for certain locales.
- Fixed number conversion problems in Rapid Fire Modis for certain locales.
- TerrainTile files are automagically moved to the correct folder.
- Reduced number of decimals in the CoordsToClipboard function (from 9 to 5).
- Fixed GLOBE "Connection Error."
- Fixed parsing error in MODIS.
- Fixed "Copy coordinates to clipboard" giving an error.
- Fixed Pearl River display in Animated Earth.
- Changed 'Animated Earth' to 'NASA SVS'.
- A User-Agent header was added to tile requests.
- Performance enhancements, error handling enhancements, and code cleanup.
- The installer was refined, slimmed down, and converted to Nullsoft Install System.

Fixes in 1.2e, release 2

- Some keyboard navigation problems in the initial release of 1.2e were fixed.
- Duplicate World Wind entries in Windows Add/Remove Programs fixed.
- With the initial release of 1.2e, an unhelpful error message appeared if you didn't have DirectX 9.0c installed.

World Wind is licensed under the NASA Open Source Agreement. You may use, reproduce, distribute, modify, and redistribute World Wind under the terms of the Agreement. For details, see the "license.txt" file that came with your copy of the software, or click here.