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Sparc Solaris 9 in the future?

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  • Sparc Solaris 9 in the future?

    I support an old Navy application that runs on Solaris 9 (sparc) :-<

    It currently uses Oilstock, and we'd love to bring the mapping software into the 20th century, but it's difficult to find a package that will work on multiple platforms.

    Any change World Win will ever be ported to solaris sparc?


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    Try WWJ, the java version of WW, it should work.


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      Re: Sparc Solaris 9 in the future?

      I am looking at the Java version. While the Java parts are portable, there are JNI portions in the binary that don't work on sparc. Also, it doesn't appear that the original source code for the *.so and *.dll files are included in the file, so I can try to build it myself. Any ideas?



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        As far as we know WWJ should run on Solaris and Sparc. The only gating item would be JOGL, which does offer binaries for Sparc 9/Solaris.

        The build.xml file lists the JOGL platforms we regularly test on. A reasonable guess is that adding to that the correct definition of the Solaris 9/Sparc library set for JOGL would retrieve the libraries you needs.

        Would that make sense or are you missing other components then the proper JOGL binaries?
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          Sparc Solaris 9 in the future?

          Has anyone tried this?
          I recently took the challenge to try and get WW running on Solaris, so far no progress, although I haven't done much, just trying out what I've read on this forum.


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            I'm sorry that I can't offer up the solution, but a former co-worker of mine got WWJ to run on some old sparc sunblades running sol10 (9 maybe?), so I do know that it is possible. There were some issues with the terrain tiling and some gaps which I think were related to the really old and underpowered graphics card. Take heart, WWJ does in fact run on sparc.


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              I was able to run WWJ on a SPARC Sunblade running solaris 10. But it was pretty hit-or-miss. We have a few Sunblades and running and the graphics hardware was the same, but sometimes it would lock the machine up totally, or not show any textures at all. I pretty much gave up on the sunblades. Ultra 45s seem to work ok, but I still had to disable dds textures. My recommendation is to go with something not SPARC. If porting solaris/sparc code scares you (rightfully so) , you might take a look at a product called QuickTransit:


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                The only problem I encountered was Sun's choice not to do DirectX textures (dds) in their graphics card drivers... Other then that our WWJ based application ran fine...

                As for locking up the machine, just make sure the graphics card driver and OpenGL support is patched and current.

                My test setup was Solaris (08/07) 10 with XVR-2500 Graphics card with newest drivers.

                Funny - just went to check out current workstation class SPARC system and there wasn't any... Ultra 45 EOL So we might not have to worry about SPARC


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                  I think the question here is not Solaris but Sparc hardware.
                  We had no big issues (ok, some slow performance) running WWJ on OpenSolaris on x86.
                  It would be interesting to try some newer sparc workstation.
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                    Sparc/Solaris 10

                    I've been attempting to get WorldWind running on a Sparc Ultra 45 workstation and I'm having issues finding the correct native libraries?

                    I've tried linking in the ones found here:

                    If I link these natives with the jogl.jar & gluegen-rt.jar that comes in the zip, it doesnt' work because WorldWind is calling methods on 'TextureRenderer' which is in jogl.jar, that do no exist.

                    I can't seem to find a newer version than this for solaris. I tried just linking in the natives and linking to the jogl.jar/gluegen-rt.jar that come with the ww/jdk download, but then I have argument mismatch issues with the 1.1.0 native libs.