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    WW2DPlusOne works with WW2D 0.99.87, not the latest 0.99.88

    Originally posted by gershwinou
    Since there is a new version of ww2d, any new version for the 3d?
    WW2D Plus One is based on the previous version 0.99.87 of WW2D and will not work on top of the latest 0.99.88.

    So the best option for 3D now is to keep using 0.99.87 and deploy +1 beta 2 over it.

    You can still get WW2D 0.99.87 here :

    However, to complicate things a bit, the latest WW2D uses the newer JOGL implementation JSR231 which is not compatible with the previous one, namely 1.10. So if you plan on also using the latest WW2D, you may have to deal with two versions of JOGL which i'm not sure how this may work out...

    So here is the JOGL version used by PlusOne and WW2D 0.99.87 :

    I'm wondering about refactoring the +1 specific code and merging/integrating it in the latest 0.99.88... and i'm not positive this will happen. Especially considering that World Wind 1.5 java is due soon and i'm confident it will be a more solid code base to work with for 3D.

    Should any one want to do the move, the source for WW2DPlusOne beta 2 is here (see readme.txt):

    Let me know...
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      I downloaded that you posted on on of the threads, and tried to build it, but I can't find the "" package anywhere. Can you please send a link to the "" download.


      Originally posted by patmurris View Post
      I've been working on a 3D view for Vitaliy Pronkin WW2D. Still in alpha but coming together...

      You can download an alpha version here. It has to be applied over a working installation of WW2D.

      Please read the 'readme.txt' for keyboard controls and known issues and let me know how it performs on what platform... if it works [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif[/img]


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        Pat is no longer maintaining that, you are better off with WWJava now.

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          Yes that was some sort of early experiment... Use the NASA World Wind Java SDK.
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