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  • Naval Game Prototype

    A screenshot of my current display...a CTF transiting the straits with PIM, limiting lines and various range circles displayed.

    I have asked to open source my old .net code since we're moving to WW.Java. Once done (crossing fingers here) I'll be working on an open source Naval game like Harpoon/Janes Fleet Command/GCB.

    I say 50-50 at this point that we can move forward.

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    Yes, I have a working slider widget in that modified Time Controller on the bottom.


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      Sweet, we have been waiting for a WW game for ages, plenty of ideas have been tossed around, hopefully you will be the first to actually make it happen.


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        Hey Nigel, I just joined the forum, I was on GCBlue project too, I knew there are other people thinking that WWJ is the right framework for this kind of game, it really does, I really love Fleet Command and I wonder if it is possible to do a game like this with WWJ. Few weeks ago I was looking for something to implement a game like this but with no luck, then I found WWJ, and suddenly a flash light came to my mind.

        I don't have too much java programming skills, but if you need help, please let me know, I have some knowledge about aircraft, ships, submarines, radars, ecm, etc. I also have a lot of models I'd made for GCBlue.

        If somebody on the forum wants to contribute, better!

        Can you share the code you put on the screenshot to see if i can run it on my pc, and also test if this works on linux too?

        Best Regards.


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          That is very cool. Can you describe how you implemented it at a high level?


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            At the very high level all it does is display MS2525 icons on WW. It actually does more than that but it's pretty close in that building a Plan of Intended Movement (PIM) with waypoints isn't all that complicated.

            I'd say a year later, we're past where my .NET mockup was but not as far past as I would have liked.

            Sorry I haven't been to the .net side of the forum in a while. I am working on this at the moment as a personal project.

            That too probably has to go through a release process but I don't expect any trouble with that. I might as well do the .NET code at the same time but the .NET code is unfortunately in all kinds of broken state because it's been hacked so many times to support other projects. I'd have to go into my SVN to find a reasonable build and clean up from there.

            The intent after the sam site mini project is complete is to use it create an open source MIDB...which would be useful for any game in the making with the data exported as a KML file or as a H2/HSQL db with a WWJ front end. Maybe as .csv files as well.

            I still want to do the game but I think I'll have to take it in little bitty pieces at a time. Hence the CIA World Fact Book and the World SAM Site Overview mini-project. At the end I hope to have a functional Country, OOB and Equipment DB component.


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                This is indeed one hell of a prototype to be honest. Now what I want to know - does this prototype work with csgo skins? I just hope that it does.