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Create a Route Given a List of Lat/Lon's

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  • Create a Route Given a List of Lat/Lon's

    I hope I'm on the right forum. I'm a total newbie at this, and am trying to work with the last C# version.

    We have a working globe in our C# application. We can draw a polygon on it. So far, so good.

    Now we need to be able to draw a route. In our database, a mission is a list of navigation points among other items. The navigation points are simply Lat/Lon's.

    Is there a simple example somebody could point me to, showing C# code that would accept this list of Lat/Lon's and draw the route from that?

    Thanks so much for the help.

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    The C# version has not been supported for many years. Try the java version of NWW.
    Just iterate through your list of lat,lons and add each to the line.

    The download of the WWJ SDK includes several examples working with lines.
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      Thanks @nlneilson. I appreciate the advice. I wish it were that easy. We are heavily invested in .Net, and the WW globe is just a small part of our framework. Unless there is a manageable way of wrapping the java version up in some C# services, I don't think we are able to use it.


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        I downloaded the 1.4 version with demo data. I was able to view the sample Lewis & Clark trail. The example code is very complex, and relies on a bunch of binary files containing the data. It is not very clear how I can create a route path with just a bunch of navigation points containing latitude, longitude and altitude.

        The example uses the TerrainPath class, which I infer to mean a path on the surface. I'm more interested in a path above the surface such as an aircraft would follow. Even if this assumption is wrong, I can't seem to figure out how to create the path and load it with navigation points, not to mention how to show it on the globe.

        Any help, including a simple example would be VERY much appreciated.



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          You may be out of luck unless you can extend your polygon code to accept more than just your 4 lat,lon positions.
          It has been so long since using the C# .net code i don't remember if it will take the alt position, it must have.
          Here is an image of a simulation of tracking 50 aircraft, each being pickable to give the planes tail number and whatever, note how low the CPU and memory usage is. This is in the java version of NWW. The position data is fed in with a C/C++ app.

          Good luck with the C# version but I doubt you will be able to find help.