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Collada model (.dae) with external texture files not loaded..

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  • Collada model (.dae) with external texture files not loaded..

    Hello all,

    one question regarding Collada models loading, if .dae is created with external texture files:

    As you allready know, .dae file can be created two ways:
    1.) file itself contains textures (problem is I don't know yet how to create .dae this way)
    2.) textures are saved as external files

    If one uses way 2.), why Collada importer have difficulty to load this model in one try.. it takes several tryes to load .dae and external files.. (I have to close JInternalFrame which contains ww canvas, and then open it again and again, until model looks complete..)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	A320.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	26.1 KB
ID:	111987

    As attachment I've added an image so you can see how model looks when first time is loaded. This should be aircraft A320, but you can see it is incomplete.

    Errors from console are as follows:

    WARNING: Exception encountered while repainting
    java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Required 1 remaining elements in buffer, only had 0
    at com.jogamp.common.nio.Buffers.rangeCheck (
    at jogamp.opengl.gl4.GL4bcImpl.glTexCoordPo inter(
    at gov.nasa.worldwind.ogc.collada.impl.Coll adaMeshShape.doDrawInterior(Unknown Source)
    at gov.nasa.worldwind.render.AbstractShape. drawInterior(Unknown Source)
    at gov.nasa.worldwind.render.AbstractShape$ 1.drawInterior(Unknown Source)
    at gov.nasa.worldwind.render.DrawContextImp l.drawOutlinedShape(Unknown Source)
    at gov.nasa.worldwind.render.AbstractShape. doDrawOrderedRenderable(Unknown Source)
    at gov.nasa.worldwind.render.AbstractShape. drawOrderedRenderable(Unknown Source)
    at gov.nasa.worldwind.render.AbstractShape. render(Unknown Source)
    at gov.nasa.worldwind.ogc.collada.impl.Coll adaMeshShape.render(Unknown Source)
    at gov.nasa.worldwind.ogc.collada.impl.Coll adaMeshShape$OrderedMeshShape.render(Unk nown Source)
    at gov.nasa.worldwind.AbstractSceneControll er.draw(Unknown Source)
    at gov.nasa.worldwind.StereoOptionSceneCont roller.draw(Unknown Source)
    at gov.nasa.worldwind.BasicSceneController. doNormalRepaint(Unknown Source)
    at gov.nasa.worldwind.BasicSceneController. doRepaint(Unknown Source)
    at gov.nasa.worldwind.AbstractSceneControll er.repaint(Unknown Source)
    at gov.nasa.worldwind.WorldWindowGLAutoDraw able.doDisplay(Unknown Source)
    at gov.nasa.worldwind.WorldWindowGLAutoDraw able.display(Unknown Source)
    at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.displayIm pl(
    at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.display(G
    at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.invokeGLI mpl(
    at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.invokeGL(
    at sun.awt.RepaintArea.updateComponent(Unkn own Source)

    (and so on..)

    WARNING: Exception encountered while repainting
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Point is null
    at gov.nasa.worldwind.view.BasicView.pushRe ferenceCenter(Unknown Source)
    at gov.nasa.worldwind.render.AbstractShape. beginDrawing(Unknown Source)

    .. (and so on..)

    SEVERE: Exception while rendering Renderable
    at java.util.ArrayList$ Source)
    at gov.nasa.worldwind.render.Path.getRefere ncePosition(Unknown Source)
    at gov.nasa.worldwind.render.Path.computeRe ferenceCenter(Unknown Source)

    .. (and so on..)