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DSTILE Plugin Completion

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  • DSTILE Plugin Completion

    Hi All,

    I am running out of time to complete this due to other commitments at work:

    If anyone is interested in getting the ideas presented in the thread please let me know. I can offer upto AUD 100 and some free tutorials on coding World Wind and let you pester me endlessly.


    Coding This and That in World Wind and helping new people out, as long as they don't pester too much.
    Currently blogging at:
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    Impact so far:

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    US $50 to FEF towards this

    reward success


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      DStile plugin working?

      I noticed the DSTile plugin in the latest version of the source code, but I get an error at gdal.AllRegister() on line 567 of DSTileFE.cs. Is it working? If so, with which formats,etc. Does it include the HighResolutionSubsets, and does that actually work? Just curious.


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        Are all the fwtools env variables set?

        It handles any image format that gdal does. I'm not sure what HighResolutionSubsets are.

        It does work, just very slowly.


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          Hmmm, well I set FWTools BIN directory in the System PATH variable...what others do I need to set?


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            I was getting at the HigherResolutionSubsets (adding better DEMs into WorldWind). As for the environment variables...not what else I need to add other than the "bin" folder. Sorry i'm still learning about FWTools,etc. I've had mixed results using Gdal,etc. I have never been able to get a better DEM into WorldWind without it looking really messed up...and I'm not sure why.

            If you have any example datasets, DEM particularly, that show how this process works...that would be awesome.


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              Oh wait...i just restarted and the error issue is resolved....i'm now trying my DEM,etc. If you have any tips on how to get a higher resolution DEM into WorldWind (a geotiff, 16bit,etc,etc)...


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       DEM tiling working?

                I hit the process button, but it doesn't do anything. It does realize that my image is a DEM, and it retrieves the projection...but for some just says "Data Located" doesn't seem to be doing anything.



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                  I don't think the plugin does dems yet, just imagery.


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                    oh, well...i guess it's still useful for generating the tiles of the imagery, which wasn't too difficult before.

                    I'm trying to convince some folks at my organization and at NASA that DEMs can be brought into WorldWind, but I haven't been completely I'll probably just need to scrap that idea...or enter "wait and see" mode.



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                      I'm pretty sure someone has done it, just not with this plugin.


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                        Where can I get the latest version of this plug-in?


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                          It's on the SVN code repository along with the main WW code.