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  • GeoServer Transparency and WMS Browser


    I've spent the last few days on a rapid learning curve. I've now got a GeoServer working with some Raster layers. I've just got a few outstanding issues which I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me with:

    1) The .tif images have a transparent background in my graphics software (photoshop). But when I view them in world wind the background is white, forminug a large annoying white rectangle. I think that this is probably something to do with GeoServer rather than WW, but does anyone know what I can do to rectify it?

    2) In the WW WMS Browser I can access my server and get the layer tree, but when I click on a layer, WW moves to the correct location, but I don't see my raster layer. I don't get anything listed in the time dropdown box and when I click still image WMS Browser says downloading, then says converting, but nothing appears.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    1) I don't know anything about GeoServer, but you probably have to tell it how to identify "no data" pixels in your image. WW then tells it when it requests an image what color to make those "no data" pixels so that WW can make them transparent.

    2) Times should only show up in the WMS browser if you have a time dimension assigned to the WMS layers on the server. I don't know if Geoserver supports multi-dimensional layers. You won't see any image at all until you click the still image button. Open the download monitor (ctrl+h) before downloading an image, then double-click the row for your request in the DL monitor to find the URL is it requesting. Paste that address in a web browser to see what the server is actually sending.
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      Your trnsparency pb has to do with the tif format : i believe it doesn't support transparency. Photoshop does, so until you save it to the tif format, you still have transparency, but normally, it should be replaced by background color (white or other) when saving it to tif.
      Thus, you'll have to tell geoserver to make transparent white areas. As Withak said, there must be an option...


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        I'm having problems with GeoServer also, but I'm not using WW, I'm using uDig. My problem is that it doesn't recognise the SRS of any .tif I add! Maybe this could be your problem too.


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          Problem solved?


          Did you solved your situation? i´m having the same problem...


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            I am using geoserver1.7.5 for configuring place names as a wfs layer in world wind java1.5 version,I divide the place names data in to 24levels,but my application displaying only to the 14 lelvels.

            The following code i am using for displaying placenames:
            if (activeNamesList.contains(pop_rank0)) {
            placeNameService = new PlaceNameService(service, "topp:ww_pop_rank0", fileCachePath, Sector.FULL_SPHERE,
            placeNameService.setColor(new java.awt.Color(200, 200, 200));
            placeNameService.setMinDisplayDistance(0 d);
            placeNameService.setMaxDisplayDistance(L EVEL_A);
            placeNameServiceSet.addService(placeName Service, false);

            can any body help me where i am wrong or which configuration of geoserver or wwj missing.