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    There's also VTP, the Virtual Terrain Project...

    VTP's focus is on urban-planning scale 3D, and there's VTBuilder, which converts in and out of lots of different formats.
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      Pixel Editor
      This program allows you to make and edit the png's that have transparency that World Wind uses. You have 15 days to try it but it's free to register.
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        A few more free programs.....

        GRASS GIS:

        ESRI's ArcExplorer:

        ERDAS's ViewFinder:

        Penn State's GeoVista:



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          A free GIS software to create DEM from topographic maps, DEM analysis and other contour manipulation. Supports many file formats.


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            Pixel Editor
            This program allows you to make and edit the png's that have transparency that World Wind uses. You have 15 days to try it but it's free to register
            You can use too PhotoFiltre a french freeware exist in english version and other languages (French too).....It's very cool.... with many fonctions.

            For download :
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              Originally posted by withak
              I've just discovered that this one has an option in the utilities menu that can reproject shapefiles from UTM grid coordinates into lat/lon coordinates (what WW needs).

              edit: If you don't already have the program then you are out of luck. Their site now says that as of November 7, the program is no longer free unless you work for the Wisconsin DNR. That's unfortunate. :(
              Forestry Gis is now available from:


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                I am looking for some application to split large images into tiles.

                I have been using dstile utility but it generates 512x512 jpeg images. Does any one know any utlity which is fulfils the following:-

                1- Generate wwcache or generate output tiles which are compatible with WW file and folder structure

                2- Generate Transparent image tiles (GIF or PNG)

                3- Generate tiles of size 256x256 & 512x512

                I am nto sure if above can be done by dstile.

                Can any one help?



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                  One more usefull link

                  Originally posted by Arok_Fellon View Post
                  Usefull Programs that I have found that might not have been mentioned here.
                  All are freeware I believe.

                  DIVA-GIS A++++

                  Forestry GIS (fGIS) A++++






                  3D Field

                  The Castle - SplitImage


                  ER VIEWER

                  A bunch of stuff I havn't used yet.

                  I have collected alot of programs while trying to make some add-ons
                  I am sure I have more... will add them as I find them.
                  I have left out the obvious ones...

                  Post your open source or freeware finds
                  One more link to this collection

                  ScienceGL 3D GIS


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                    Newbie Essentials


                    I've been seriously playing with World Wind and WMS Servers for the last couple of days, and last night succeeded in getting my data into World Wind. During the course of my experiments I tried virtually every piece of software (GIS and Server) I could find. Bear in mind I have a limited attention span when it comes to software. If I can't get it to work within the first hour then it goes in the Trash. So anyway I thought I'd put up my recommendations of the ultimate software for getting a data server up and running with the minimum amount of fuss:

                    1) MAP MAKER: This is an amazing piece of software which will do virtually anything you will ever need including transformations between projections, format conversions etc etc. Most of it can be done in the free version too.

                    2) GEOSERVER: I started out trying mapserver and spent ages trying get it to work, and whilst I could get the example datasets working I couldn't find and easy way of creating the map.xml file or a good tutorial on what it should contain. It also need a web server and a load of libs / packages to get it all working. GeoServer on the other hand whilst being less mature than mapserver is self contained having a java webserver built in and creates all the .xml and configuration files automatically through a web interface. For simplicity it's great, (I still have a few issues with it, but that's for another post).

                    Well, don't know if you agree with that, let us know.
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                      very useful links
                      Nice post and replies,thanks! hmm
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                        Another two nice open source projects:

                        Gdal: image tools.
                        Can handle hughe file of different formats, including heightfield, geotiff, and even wavelate formats (if libraries such as jasper/kakadu installed), reprojects (proj4), resample, etc.

                        Qgis: Lightweight 2D gis program
                        very usefull to quickly check that WFS/WMS server, or compare results with WW.

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                          nice topic .......... thanks