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ViewUtil : using wrong frame

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  • ViewUtil : using wrong frame


    I'm currently working on an application using BasicView, especially the setOrientation method. It seemed to work well until I tried to point to objects far away from the eye position : after setOrientation is called, the pointed object is not in the center of the screen.

    It seems that there is a bug in ViewUtil.computeModelCoordinates : the centerTransform matrix transforms from the geocentric frame to the local frame centered to the pointed object. In my opinion, it should be the local frame attached to the eye position.

    Changing the following lines :
    Position centerPos = globe.computePositionFromPoint(centerPoi nt);
    Matrix centerTransform = ViewUtil.computePositionTransform(globe, centerPos);

    by the new ones :
    Position eyePos = globe.computePositionFromPoint(eyePoint) ;
    Matrix centerTransform = ViewUtil.computePositionTransform(globe, eyePos);

    solves the issue.

    What do you think about this ?