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    Hi, I am looking for a solution to produce DVD disks for commercial sale that users can run disconnected from the internet on their computers. This is intended for tourists where the users can do pretty much what can be done in WorldWind plus some tourist stuff like searching and viewing POI but with some sort a locking mechanism so the disk can not be distributed freely and our data (images and Terrain) that we want to include on the disk is secure. I really like WW but since it's nature is open access it might not be the correct choice but if anyone can point me in the direction of this sort of a solution or if someone has developed a solution using WW it is apresiated.


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    Do you have a preference for or WW Java?
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      I would prefer


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        I have no program experience so it is a bit hard to say but I think we would prefer


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          You might be better off with a WWJava setup, then you could just make it a "web application" with an HTML web page setup on the DVD. When you start looking at you run into a lot more video card problems than you would have with WWJava.

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