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geoserver+gis+vehicle fleet tracking system

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  • gudivada213
    started a topic geoserver+gis+vehicle fleet tracking system

    geoserver+gis+vehicle fleet tracking system

    i am new to GIS stuff, currently doing project on "Vehicle Fleet Tracking System".
    I am planning to use wireless module XT65, from this device we will get the track details about vehicle that details to show on the map...what i have to do(GIS stuff)?
    I am planning to use Geoserver+googlemap(wms)+postgresql...bu t i am not able to do.
    i confused, how the gps stuff will integrate with googlemap through geoserver.
    If any other choice please suggest to me.........

    thanks in advance,

    with sincerely,

  • guitar99
    Postgres Code Example Layers in WW

    Jason in Vegas $$$$
    Do you have a snip of code for access and building a layer using POSTGRES
    as you mention here? How do you get it from PostGres into WW?

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  • JasonInVegas
    This post is kind of old, but I will try to give Gudivada some closure to the initial question.

    What you want to do is first design a vehicle position layer in postgres that is a point layer with whatever needed attributes you determine, plus Device/Lat/Long/Date-Time as four (or five) additional fields.

    Next, you want to to build a web service that listens to the wireless modules NEMA serial stream and parses it to find the Device, position, and timing information. This web service should be very light-weight, parsing only enough GPS stream output to format a proper insert of a single row into the vehicle position table using postgresql.

    Lastly, you may want to format then publish a WMS layer where all the unique devices are color-coded, and the latest position (lat/lon) for max(date-time) is shown as the "latest" position, while all other positions appear as dots marking breadcrumb trails of where the device has previously been.

    Because the web-service will constantly update the layer's backend spatial storage with inserts of new positions, the WMS layer will likewise be updated to constantly show the latest position. What remains is some map-client logic that periodically refreshes the map content so that the display is updated to show current data.

    I hope all of these steps are understandable and support your objectives....perhaps others will benefit as well.

    Good Luck!

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    Guest replied
    GPS Tracking Resource

    If you would like to learn more about GPS vehicle tracking visit the following blog:

    It discusses the lastest news in the industry and how it benefits companies that need to manage a fleet.

    FleetMatics also has excellent resources:

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