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Help needed with projections

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  • Help needed with projections

    I'd need to convert some images into Lambert Azimuthal projection:

    What I want to obtain is something like this:

    I have been told this the procedure I have to use:
    "Create a series of 12 Transverse Mercator projections that are 32 degrees in longitude and 91 degrees in latitude to form a "flower petal" projection for making globes. If the northern hemisphere is being created, the latitude range is -1 to +90. If the southern hemisphere is being created, the latitude range is -90 to 1. The petals are formed by changing the center longitude and map rotation in steps of 30 degrees for each Transverse Mercator projection. Each section is put into the mosaic. The final center of the projection is a Lambert Azimuthal Equal-area centered on the pole and covers from -90 to -75 or 75 to 90 degrees latitude and 360 degrees in longitude. This is the last cube that is placed in the mosaic."

    Can I accomplish this with GDALWARP?
    Which commandline should I use?