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  • Global flood plugin

    This plugin renders a "flood" at a specified elevation.

    Right-click -> Properties on the layer to get the control window.

    It causes crazy rendering artifacts when the terrain isn't loaded, and often when the terrain is loaded. Raising the terrain exaggeration decreases the artifacts.

    It is made for WW 1.4, but it may work in 1.3.5.
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      The link in the first post now points to 0.2, which turns the flood off when the camera is high enough for no terrain to show. I also bumped up the number of vertices on the flood mesh, which seems to cut down on the rendering artifacts a little bit.

      For best results, turn the vertical exaggeration up to 20x in the alt-w window.


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        Very entertaining.
        Back when I was in grad school I did a mock-presentation where I used remote sensing software, photoshop and other programs to alter data to give some weirdf effects and results. One of these projects was to fill the grand canyon up with blood, which this reminds me of.

        On a serious note though this could be a very useful tool for particular applications.


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          Piece of cake.

          It is very handy for looking at terrain though. Pat Murris said in irc that it's kind of the opposite of the terrain section in MeasureTooNG because it lets you cut a horizontal section instead of a vertical section.


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            Problem is for simulating a realistic, 'few' meters sea level rise, ZBuffer clipping and SRTM data are probably not fine enough...

            From the UN/IPCC 2007 report (page 13)
            ...If a negative surface mass balance were sustained for millennia, that would lead to virtually complete elimination of the Greenland ice sheet and a resulting contribution to sea level rise of about 7 m. The corresponding future temperatures in Greenland are comparable to those inferred for the last interglacial period 125,000 years ago, when paleoclimatic information suggests reductions of polar land ice extent and 4 to 6 m of sea level rise.
            However, a 1000m sea level rise would do a nice job on the Alps too
            Nice job, i love the idea!
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              Hellooooo Waterworld.
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                Unfortunately, I tend to get the following error message after a few seconds:
                The following error(s) occurred:
                Error in the application.
                Unexpected logging error on write(2)
                Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.



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                  I've seen some Console.Write() code in there... may be related...
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                    You can comment out the lines that start "Console.Write"; those are there because I was having mesh connectivity issues for a while. I commented them out in the version at the link in the first post.
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                      It works on Mars too.
                      Watery Mars.jpg
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                      I don't spread the word, I spread the world!
                      Road Map for World Wind development and release
                      I do not know .Net or DirectX.


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                        It should be fine on the moon too.


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                          I tried commenting out the Console.writes and it didn't fix the problem.
                          Here's a repro:
                          1. Run NASA World Wind with Flood Level set to load on startup.
                          2. Turn off Dynamic Clouds
                          3. Turn the globe so that you can see the USA.
                          4. Zoom in on Northern California to the point that you can see artifacts springing from the San Francisco Bay
                          5. Open up the properties dialog for Flood Level
                          6. Zoom out and go to San Diego (Southern California).
                          7. Zoom in a little on San Diego
                          8. Drag the slider in the Flood Level box up

                          An error has occurred
                          Error in the application.


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                            Here are my fixes on the first version... i called it 0.2
                            Download Flood Level plugin 0.2 (Zip 5k)

                            I fixed some memory bug (the mesh wasnt disposed before being reconstruted), added a touch of transparency to the water (a slider would be nice), turns on below 1000km, fixed the view range computation and added specular highlight when the sun shading is on

                            French Maritime Alps flooded with 800m extra water level

                            Withak : feel free to merge with your latest
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                              Oooh, nice.

                              Now.. if we can just subtract the water just as nicely

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