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  • MODIS historical image layers plugin

    As mentioned by Lucian here, the OnEarth WMS has 250m/pixel daily mosaics going back for two years. This is a plugin to choose and view those layers directly in WW.

    To install, download and unzip into your WW directory. I tested it in 1.4, but I think it should work in 1.3.5.

    Working download here

    To use, load the plugin, then choose "MODIS historical layers" from the Plugins menu to load the form. Create a list of dates that you want to view by choosing a date in the calendar menu and clicking the "Add date" button. When you have chosen all the dates you want, decide whether you want the daily aqua or terra layers and click the "Add all to layer manager" button to add them to the LM.

    You can add more layers by clearing the date list, choosing more dates, and clicking the "Add all to layer manager" button again. The layers aren't added permanently, they will disappear when WW restarts.

    To add dates permanently to the LM, choose the dates, add them to the LM, then copy the "temp.xml" file in "\Plugins\MODIS historical\" to "\Config\Earth\". The temp.xml file will only contain the dates that were added the last time you clicked the "Add all" button.

    The "Clear all from LM" is buggy, it may or may not work. The layers can be cleared by restarting WW or reloading Earth.

    The data goes back two years, but because the server was down from Dec 7 to Dec 16, there are no images available for those days.

    *Find a better way to choose whether individual layers are added permanently or temporarily.
    *Fix the clear button.
    *Lots of other things
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    Oh great! Another awesome plug-in that I'll have to demonstrate at my school How will I ever fit everything into an, at max, 40 minute time frame?
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      When I try to load the plugin in NASA World Wind, I get a message box with the following contents:
      MODIS historical layers plugin failed to load.
      The error was:

      Error CS0234: Line 13 Column 26: The type or namespace name 'Generic' does not exist in the class or namespace 'System.Collections' (are you missing an assembly reference?)


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        Looks like this plugin doesn't work with WW 1.3.5/.net 1.1
        Check another thread
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          Yeah, it's 1.4-only because I can't use VS express to write stuff for .NET 1.1. And I don't have a 1.3.5 install to test it on.


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            OK, I don't mind switching to 1.4 and I'll take a look.

            On the other hand, is 1.4 an official stable release? As far as I can tell, it doesn't even have an installer.


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              It's a beta at the moment. The next beta (including installer) is due out very soon. The installer is being tested as we speak.


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                Another way to look at the archived modis layers:


                This makes a daily aqua and daily terra layer that will automatically show you the images for the "current" day, with the date being determined by the time controller. That means you can set the time controller to -1000x or -10000x and watch the globe update with the image for each day as the days go by in reverse.

                The plugin uses UTC internally, so the view should auto-update itself when midnight UTC rolls goes by in the time controller. The images for each day are updated ~noon UTC on the day after they are taken, so you may have to go back a day or two before data starts appearing. If you request images for a date that isn't available yet then you will end up with black tiles in the cache. Wait a day (real time, not WW time ) then reload that date to replace the black tiles. Black tiles also might appear for past dates where no data is available.
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                  That’s very efficient. To facilitate it can be access with a shorten version of the wms browser!

                  But will there forever be two years merit of layers, or will the two years obtainable right now be added to every day?
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                    Any word on the individual layers and the buttons ?
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                      Originally posted by Warhammer View Post
                      Any word on the individual layers and the buttons ?
                      I would also like to know. Any news?


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                        thank you for sharing.


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                          Ican't see MODIS layers

                          I followed the install steps. Bumped up the caching 50,000 megabytes, can see the "bar" in the lower right act if it's loading data. Then nothing. Just black where the image should be. I have boundries. The NASA and Blue Marble imagery work fine. Just No MODIS. Any suggestions?